Premarital Counseling

 Congratulations for taking  your relationship seriously enough to take steps to build the marriage you want!

I have spent time helping new and old relationships through both big  and small challenges, and have been shown a lot about what it takes to  build a successful long-term marriage. In my experience, I would strongly say that  any time planning your marriage now will be a huge investment in your  future happiness.

When you buy a new television, you are  given an owners manual to help you with any problems that come up.  When  you buy a new computer, there is a customer service line you can call  with questions. When you buy a new car, you may receive a warranty  promising to repair any problems that occur. When you get married, you  have none of these.

When you are in a marriage, you and your  spouse are the owner's manual , the technical service support, and the  warranty rolled into one. You are the main people who will help your  relationship be the one you've always dreamed of, or one you have second  thoughts about.

By acting early in your relationship to  build patterns that fit both of your needs, to agree on differences, or  to learn how to solve problems, you give yourself a much better chance  of success throughout your marriage.

The State of Minnesota  allows for a discount on Marriage License fees when premarital education  is completed by a qualified person. This requirement is for 12 hours of  education, which includes taking a questionnaire, direct counseling or  assigned work done on your own as a couple.

You've been planning your wedding, have you been planning your marriage?

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