Parenting Support

 -Does your new baby have you questioning how to be a parent?
-Is your toddler challenging your patience?
-Is your teenager threatening your authority?
-Has your relationship with your spouse gotten pushed to the back burner?

I can help!

Many  parents have a hard time knowing what to do with their kids sometimes.  It gets frustrating when nothing seems to work, or when things that  worked last week suddenly stop working. 

This frustration can  turn into a disagreement or even an argument. Or parents can simply feel  stuck and overwhelmed. No one wants to feel this way, and you don't  have to!

I specialize in working with parents to build the family they want. 

At Moving Waters Counseling, you can:
-build a discipline system that works for your kids
-set expectations that you and your kids agree on
-learn what to expect from your children
-learn to parent as a team with your partner
-build respectful, honest relationships with your kids